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ArnaudXIII 17/03/2021 17h48

Player sent off today can't play against us on Sunday, correct?

scarletneedle 17/03/2021 17h51

Same as the future injured of the game (it's PSG....). :D

scarletneedle 17/03/2021 17h55

What an incomprehension! 8(
Good for us because we need to have a good luk against a french big team

scarletneedle 17/03/2021 18h18


Envoyé par scarletneedle (Message 1860404)
Same as the future injured of the game (it's PSG....). :D

And the winner is...Icardi... :meurmf::'(

scarletneedle 17/03/2021 19h23

Kaylor Navas, goalkeeper or GOAT? :D

ArnaudXIII 17/03/2021 19h29

Memphis' yellow card from the game against Reims has been canceled in appeal. Thank God because it was a complete f***-up from the ref.

ArnaudXIII 17/03/2021 21h26

Wasn't that a penalty on Suarez?

scarletneedle 17/03/2021 21h27

I missed it.
What's the deal?

ArnaudXIII 17/03/2021 21h31

Push from Rudiger on Suarez at the corner of the box. Suarez falls easily but Rudiger is not playing the ball at all.

scarletneedle 17/03/2021 21h33

Azpilecueta does the same and no penalty too.

ArnaudXIII 17/03/2021 21h39

And now super fast counter attack from Chelsea and they're 1-0 up.

gillesC 18/03/2021 09h18

And now for something complètement différent... retour de la grande L1 tout-Moreau. :woot: :huhu:

Que souhaiter sur Stté-Monaco... humm...

ArnaudXIII 18/03/2021 09h23

:burp: Allez les Verts :burp:

perny 19/03/2021 12h15

Bordel ! Le Bayern !

perny 19/03/2021 12h17

City ou Dortmund si on passe...

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