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Vieux 01/10/2017, 12h27
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Boom Studios BOOM! décembre 2017

Source : Comics Continuum


Writer: Jeff Loveness

Artist: Jakub Rebelka

Cover Artist: Jakub Rebelka

Synopsis: Judas Iscariot journeys through life and death, grappling with his place in "The Greatest Story Ever Told," and how much of his part was preordained. In a religion built on redemption and forgiveness, one man had to sacrifice himself for everyone...and it wasn't Jesus.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Dan Mora

Main Cover: Dan Mora

Variant Cover: John Cassaday

Synopsis: An evil Santa from an alternate dimension has founded an evil soda corporation that uses Christmas and Santa as a marketing tactic to build their fortunes. Only Klaus can defeat the Pola-Cola Corp. and the zombie-like Santas that are in the evil Santa's thrall.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writers: James S.A. Corey, Hallie Lambert, Georgia Lee

Artist: Huang Danlan

Cover Artist: Rahzzah

Synopsis: Based on the bestselling books and tying into the hit Syfy television series, The Expanse: Origins reveals the untold origins of the crew members of the Rocinante , including an exclusive, never-before-seen story featuring fan-favorite character, Detective Miller. Features all-new stories by series creator James S.A. Corey, written by Hallie Lambert and Georgia Lee, and illustrated by Huang Danlan. Collected in print for the first time.



Writers: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly

Artist: Marcus To

Cover Artist: Marcus To

Synopsis: A year has passed since the fractured crew of the Joyride stared down the Void at the far reaches of space. There's only one thing that could bring them back together: a return to Earth to take on the fascist regime once and for all. In this stunning conclusion, writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly (Batman and Robin Eternal, Grayson) and artist Marcus To (Nightwing, New Avengers) bring the Joyride back to where it all began. Collects issues #9-12.



Writer: Etgar Keret

Artist: Asaf Hanuka

Cover Artist: Asaf Hanuka

Synopsis: Mordy wanted to get away. Now condemned to an afterlife exclusively for all victims of suicide, he still has to attend a crappy job in a place no less crappy than the place he came from. When he discovers that his beloved ex-girlfriend is there too, he embarks on much needed road trip through an absurdist and fantastical landscape to find her.



Writer: Matt Smith

Artist: Matt Smith

Main Cover: Matt Smith

Subscription Connecting Cover: Sas Milledge

Synopsis: Newcomer Matt Smith (Lake of Fire, Barbarian Lord) reimagines "The Elf Queen and the Shepherd," a tale of elven fairies in Iceland. When a Fairy Princess is cursed to the human realm and cursed to bring death with her, Grettir the Strong must discover the source of the trouble and break her curse.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Jay Fosgitt

Artist: Jay Fosgitt

Cover Artist: Jay Fosgitt

Synopsis: Bodie Troll wants to be a fearsome creature, but in truth he's downright adorable. Alongside his best friend Cholly and her Fairy Godmother, Bodie is up for any challenge, from protecting the village from spellbound beasts to performing shape-changing theater. If he's lucky, he just might scare someone along the way. A massive original graphic novel, including all previously published Bodie Troll stories, for fans of all ages!



Writers: Ryan Ferrier, KC Green

Artists: Ian McGinty, KC Green

Main Cover: Jorge Monlongo

"Look & Find" Cover: Bachan

Variant Cover: Nick Pitarra

Synopsis: When Rocko faces unemployment, a terrible living situation, and increasingly slim job prospects, he is forced to find out just how far he is willing to go to get a job. Features a bonus story by KC Green where Ed Bighead finds himself in the dentist chair of Dr. Hutchison!

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Box Brown

Artist: Lisa Dubois

Main Cover: Jorge Corona

Subscription Cover: Caitlin Rose Boyle

Synopsis: The babies discover the secret of how their parents have been watching them, and launch a plan to restore the status quo with help from an unlikely ally.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Dan Mora

Main Cover: Dan Mora

Civilian Intermix Cover: Miguel Mercado

Locker Variant Cover: Michelle Wong

Homage Variant Cover: Natacha Bustos

Paper Doll Variant Cover: Audrey Mok

Synopsis: As the Putty Infiltrator shifts between teachers, parents, and friends, the Rangers have to question who they can trust--if they can trust anyone at all.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Kyle Higgins

Artist: Jonas Scharf

Main Cover: Jamal Campbell

Connecting Variant Cover: Steve Morris

Variant Cover: Dan Mora

Action Figure Variant Cover: Quest Matthews-Martial

Synopsis: With tensions building between them, the Rangers put aside their differences and unite with Promethea to take down a great new threat.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Ryan Ferrier

Artist: Carlos Magno

Main Cover: Mike Huddleston

Connecting Variant Cover: Carlos Magno

Classic Pulp Variant Cover: Fay Dalton

Synopsis: The crossover you demanded continues as Doctor Zaius, Cornelius, Zira, General Ursus, and a fleet of Gorilla Soldiers discover human natives on Skull Island... and the last surviving Kong!

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: James Asmus

Artist: Carlos Magno

Cover Artist: Nick Robles

Synopsis: When a coup is formed to take Ewata from power and show the Tagu and Atu people the dangers of the Kong, Skull Island is thrown into chaos. Collects issues #9-12.


WWE #12

Writer: Dennis Hopeless

Artist: Serg Acuña

Main Cover: Dan Mora

Lita Variant Cover: Audrey Mok

Rikishi Variant Cover: Carlos Magno

Jeff Hardy Action Figure Variant Cover: Adam Riches

Royal Rumble Connecting Variant Cover: Brent Schoonover

Synopsis: THE SHIELD IS REUNITED... against each other for the WWE Championship!

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Tyler Jenkins

Main Cover: Tyler Jenkins

Intermix Cover: Matt Kindt

Synopsis: Shelly's mysterious past is revealed as she and Maria explore the Kingdom.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Tyler Jenkins

Cover Artist: Tyler Jenkins

Synopsis: A rural mystery series chronicling the tragic lives of the Grass Kings, three brothers and rulers of a community living off the grid and outside of the law. Eldest brother Robert has been a broken man since the disappearance of his daughter, but when a young woman swims across the great lake dividing the Grass Kingdom from the nearby city of Cargill in search of a safe haven, he must decide if getting a chance at atonement is worth risking the entire Kingdom. Collects the first six issues of the acclaimed series in a prestige hardcover edition.



Writer: Victor LaValle

Artist: Dietrich Smith

Cover Artist: Micaela Dawn

Synopsis: From award-winning novelist Victor LaValle (The Changeling) and illustrator Dietrich Smith (Shaft: Imitation of Life) comes an intense, unflinching story exploring the legacies of love, loss, and vengeance placed firmly in the tense atmosphere and current events of the modern-day United States. When the last descendant of the Frankenstein family loses her only son to a police shooting, she turns to science for her own justice... putting her on a crash course with her family's original monster and his quest to eliminate humanity. Collects the complete limited series.



Writers: John Carpenter & Anthony Burch

Artist: Jorge Corona

Main Cover: Stéphane Roux

Intermix Cover: Mike Mayhew

Action Figure Subscription Cover: Michael Adams and Marco D'Alfonso

Connecting Variant Cover: Will Robson

Variant Cover: Terry Dodson

Synopsis: Jack and Lo Pan follow Pete into the lair of the Demon of Vengeance, only to face a stunning betrayal!

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Eryk Donovan

Main Cover: Eryk Donovan

Connecting Subscription Cover: Robbi Rodriguez

Synopsis: It's been 200 years since the human uprising. The NuMan culture has stagnated without diversity, but a secret found in Dr. Cyrus Crane's original notes could save them all.



Writer: Clay McLeod Chapman

Artist: Jey Levang

Cover Artist: Ignacio Valicenti

Synopsis: Tamara and Charles are on the run when the virus reaches Phase III: Hallucinations.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writers: Claudio Sanchez & Chondra Echert

Artist: Rags Morales

Cover Artist: Rags Morales

Synopsis: The final chapter begins as the Rebel Army begins their assault on Apity Prime, while Claudio and Ambellina find themselves face-to-face with Wilhelm Ryan.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Royden Lepp

Artist: Royden Lepp

Cover Artist: Royden Lepp

Synopsis: Seven years in the making, the breathtaking conclusion to Royden Lepp's Rust graphic novel series is here! As an unprecedented robot force closes in on the Taylor farm, Jet Jones must embrace his true identity if he's to defend the family he loves. Published simultaneously in hardcover and softcover formats.

Softcover, $14.99; Hardcover, $24.99.


Writers: Simon Spurrier, Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artists: Kelly and Nichole Matthews

Main Cover: Mark Buckingham

Subscription Cover: Sana Takeda

Synopsis: The final arc begins here! Kensho learns the extent of Thurma's lie surrounding the mythic Pool of Tears.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Pamela Ribon

Artist: Marina Julia

Main Cover: Veronica Fish

Cover: Jen Bartel

Synopsis: Knockout's conflict between family and derby comes to a head.


Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Rian Sygh

Cover Artist: Veronica Fish

Synopsis: Jory and the rest of the Backstagers have one goal this semester: to put on the best show their town's ever seen. But best-laid plans aren't easy to achieve when there's an entire magical world that lives beyond the curtain! When one of the actors suddenly goes missing, the Backstagers must band together to save their comrade and maintain the natural balance Collects the final issues #5-8.



Writer: C.S. Pacat

Artist: Johanna The Mad

Cover Artist: Johanna The Mad

Synopsis: As Seiji and Nicholas struggle with their living arrangement, the competition heats up.

32 pages, $3.99,


Writer: John Allison

Artists: Max Sarin, Liz Fleming

Cover Artist: Max Sarin

Synopsis: Daisy and Susan betray the sacred coven, leaving Esther to try--at high speed and under considerable pressure--to claim her dream home.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writers: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh

Artist: Ayme Sotuyo

Main Cover: Kat Leyh

Subscription Cover: Michelle Wong

Synopsis: After everything that's happened at camp, the Roanokes are in need of something to cheer them up. Luckily, Jen has the perfect thing: a search for a jackalope!

332 pages, $3.99.


Writers: Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh

Artists: Carey Pietsch, Ayme Sotuyo

Cover Artist: Noelle Stevenson

Synopsis: Barney is starting their official first week at camp, but it looks like everyone in the Zodiac Cabin has been turned to stone! Now that Diane's back and strange shadows are appearing, it looks like April, Jo, Mal, Molly, and Ripley are going to have their hands full trying to find a cure for their long as they don't look the wrong thing in the eye first.


Writers: Kiwi Smith & Kurt Lustgarten

Artist: Naomi Franquiz

Cover Artist: Naomi Franquiz

Synopsis: Final Issue! The girls are mere steps away from discovering the truth about Black Mary, but there's more going on than they realize...

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Conor McCreery

Artist: Mattia Di Meo

Main Cover: Phil Murphy

Intermix Connecting Cover: Phil Murphy

Subscription Cover: Daniele Di Nicuolo

Mash-Up Homage Variant Cover: Diigii Daguna

Synopsis: Rigby and Mordecai's powers help turn the tide in the battle against the Master of Division, but he may have divided the bros for good! Meanwhile, Ice King is convinced that they are on Earth before the Mushroom Bomb...

32 pages, $3.99.


Writers: Adam Gorham & Fred Kennedy, James Asmus, Derek Laufman, Daniela Vicoso

Artists: Adam Gorham, Derek Laufman, Daniela Vicoso

Main Cover: Derek Laufman

Subscription Cover: Luca Pizarri

Variant Cover: Natalie Dombois

Synopsis: Finn and Jake have way too much stuff! Turns out that years of looting dungeons and adventuring adds up. Time for the biggest yard sale in all of Ooo!

32 pages, $3.99.


Writers: Kat Leyh, Rachel Edidin, Jake Wyatt, Ian McGinty, Colin Andersen, David Scheidt, and more!

Artists: Michael Dialynas, Kat Leyh, Jake Wyatt, Ian McGinty, Colin Andersen, Jess Smart Smiley, and more!

Cover Artist: Asia Kendrick-Horton

Synopsis: Collecting stories by comic creators from around the world, Sugary Shorts stars all your favorite Adventure Time characters, from Fionna the Human to Billy the Hero. Includes fantastical tales from Kat Leyh (Lumberjanes), Jake Wyatt (Ms. Marvel), Michael Dialynas (The Woods ), Kel McDonald (Misfits of Avalon ), and more.



Writer: Kevin Cannon

Artist: Joey McCormick

Main Cover: Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb

Subscription Cover: Joey McCormick

Synopsis: Double Troubles, Part 2 of 4! While the real Finn and Jake live it up at the amusement park, their doubles are making the Candy Kingdom better than ever. Is this too good to be true?

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Frank Gibson

Artist: Becky Dreistadt

Cover Artist: Becky Dreistadt

Synopsis: Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt (Tiny Kitten Teet ) present a fully-painted comic book that takes kids deep into the mysterious world of the Capture Creatures. Over one hundred strange creatures with incredible powers have suddenly appeared on Earth! It's up to two teens to keep these creatures safe and discover their origins.



Writer: Grace Kraft

Artist: Rii Abrego Cover

Main Cover: Missy Pena Cover

Subscription Cover: Kat Tsai

Synopsis: After Steven sees a flier for "A Taste of Beach City," everyone gets inspired to make a dish and enter the competition.

32 pages, $3.99

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Vieux 01/10/2017, 14h21
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EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !EsseJi est LA légende vivante de ce forum !
Je ne trouve pas de trace du troisième Rust en HC.

Et enfin la première collection de Grass Kings est sollicitée!
Pour février, soit, mais c'est déjà ça.
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Vieux 01/10/2017, 15h35
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arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !arrowsmith est LA légende vivante de ce forum !
PIZZERIA KAMIKAZE HC a l'air très intéressant
GRASS KINGS VOL. 1 HC comme EsseJi
EUGENIC #3 (il faut que je pense à prendre les deux précédents) : Tynion IV après Cognitic et Mementic.
“Our dreams make us large.” Jack Kirby
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