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Source Comics Continuum



Written and art by Fred Perry.

The one and only Peebri, that paragon of tactical and financial savvy, war-gamer extraordinaire, and role model to Advanced A.I. bomb-bots everywhere, is about to embark on her latest and greatest adventure! See her divine the secret of ultimate power from a pair of humble wooden sticks, devise the perfect plan for getting yet another video game out of her builder, Brianna Diggers, and much more!

24 pages, black and white, $3.99.


Written and art by Fred Perry.

While exploring the astral rifts, Madrid uncovers a buried Artificer cache. But unlocking the seal to the underground fortress also reveals a gate to the realm of the Undead! Madrid is captured by the forces of Vampire Queen Natasha, who is in need of the services of a good archaeologist!

32 pages, $2.99.


Written and art by Fred Perry, Ben Dunn, David Hutchison and Rod Espinosa.

Seeking to prove your mettle as a wizard or warrior of the sequential arts, your pen mightier than any sword? Do the details of dragons and dungeons, spellcasting and swordplay leave you feeling too queasy to quest? Fear not! The veteran fighters and magic-masters of the industry shall imbue you with their wisdom of the ages! You'll learn the art of depicting fantasy both classic and modern, from Tolkien and White to Gygax and Talsorian to Pratchett and Rowling!

128 pages, black and white, $24.99.


Written by Robby Bevard, art by J.L. Anderson.

When the vampires on campus would rather bake in their weed than drink blood, life is pretty mellow. Well, except for the occasional scraps with the werewolves, but as long as they vacuum up afterward, the vamps are cool with it. What's worse is the furry fan down the hall who's convinced he's a werewolf, but isn't. If the vampires didn't need him to handle the UV lights for growing their stash (vaporized limbs are a real downer), they'd drain his blood like that...if they weren't out getting more snack cakes for the munchies.

24 pages, black and white, $3.99.


Written and art by Richard Moore.

A ticklish take on the macabre with this new, all-ages mini-series! Dark forces stalk the night, ancient menaces strike terror into the hearts of men everywhere...but not on a statue-selling farm in upstate New York. There, a 4-inch gargoyle named Chip is determined to prove to all the other statues there that he can be scary too! With the aid of his fairy friend Ash, he sets out to find just the right setting to inspire him and bring out his true potential for wreaking terror...if he can work up the nerve to go there!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Robby Bevard, art by Ben Dunn.

The Shidoshi saga reaches its startling conclusion! With his parents finally reunited, Ricky Feeple bids them farewell -- perhaps for the last timeóand he, his girlfriend Sora, and his adopted sister Bianca (a giant mouse) set out on an journey through multiple realities. Their goal: the city of Quagmire, half-destroyed years ago in a dimension-rending magical explosion. Ricky's aim is to confront Yuudai, leader of the Shidoshi. But having killed Yuudai once (quickly followed by his resurrection), Ricky can't bring himself to take another life, so what chance does he have of defeating his ultimate foe? Collects Ninja High School #171-175.

152 pages, black and white, $12.99.


Written and art by David Hutchison.

Fear him now, understand him later! Bursting out of the pages of President Evil comes a machine sent back in time to terminate Gray Davis and become Governor of Kaleefornia.. Because no puny specials about the President of the United States fighting zombies could be enough to contain the glorious, high-octane (but emissions-compliant) powerhouse that is the Governator. Zombie hordes? Pah! When the President can deal with rolling blackouts, tree-hugging environmentalists, annual wildfires, Hollywood-based lobbyists and zombie hordes, then maybe he'll start approaching the musclebound magnificence that is the Governator! "That Governator is out there. It can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with, and it will not stop, ever...until his term is over."

32 pages, $3.99.
Alan Moore: "I should just keep me mouth shut, I just upset people."

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