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Robert Morales révèle plein de choses intéressantes sur le forum de Joe Quesada ! Attention aux spoilers bien sûr



Quote (rwsmith @ April 19 2004,22:30)
Robert, will you be doing any more work for Marvel in the near future?
If so, can you tell us what title(s)?

Morales : I committed to doing 18 issues of Captain America; my run will end with eight issues. I've turned down any further work from Marvel, including a S.H.I.E.L.D. series and a 1602 spin-off.

I've told Axel I'd only discuss doing another ten issues of Cap.


Quote (khanus @ April 19 2004,22:30)
Ok. So Robert, what was the main reason for your run being cut short? Any other Marvel work on the horizon, or in comics in general?

Morales : Gui Kayro - Marvel's Chief Information Officer - hated what I was doing with Cap, even though I was doing precisely what Marvel Edit asked of me. Evidently Kayro thinks topicality is the same as political bias - it's not. (I think my Cap is as political as "24" - i.e., it's right on the line.) That's one.

Two, Dan Buckley wanted Iron Man, Thor, and Cap to be support titles for Brian Bendis' new Avengers run. I'd been okayed for a completely different storyline - mind you, the MK Cap was to be out of MU continuity originally, but Buckley wanted that changed. That Cap or any of Marvel's other titles were to be directed toward a non-traditional comics audience was an idea he was abandoning.

Brian Bendis called me and we discussed what we were both doing, and once he heard me out, Brian said he a) thought the direction I was taking Cap was really interesting, and b) he would tell Marvel they should leave me alone. My understanding is that Buckley took Brian's comments to mean that my Cap run was therefore useless when it came to supporting what we were all calling "the Bendis Event" at the time. So he insisted that my 18-issue storyline be scuttled, whether Brian or anybody else at Marvel wanted to do that or not.

Yes, Steve Rogers was supposed to eventually become an independent vice-presidential candidate, and he was supposed to eventually become President of the United States. But the challenge was you'd never get a real handle on his political stance - it was all about his character, and what everyone else would project onto it.

In early February, Joe and Axel and I went out to lunch - pretty much to part company, but instead Joe came up with another story arc that was really great and challenging. We fleshed it out and were surprised at how positively the afternoon turned out. However, Buckley killed that idea.

Then Axel came to me again and asked if I could come up with something else, so I suggested retelling Cap's origin for a modern audience, which hadn't been done in awhile. You'd find more about Cap's interaction with real history, where his shield and costume came from, it'd have cameos by Sgt. Fury and Bucky and Hitler and Ike - a big, sweeping historical epic.

Buckley decided that World War II wasn't big enough - and it was clear to me then that Marvel management just didn't want me writing Cap, period.


Quote (jedicow @ April 19 2004,22:52)
you dont have to give spoilers...just a small synopsis of the story will suffice.

Morales : Cap #26 is a stand-alone story. Cap #27-28 involve an alternate future, and it's both horrific and funny. (I hope.)


Quote (JackalsIII @ April 20 2004,00:47)
Were you really going to have Steve Rogers run and win the Presidency?

Morales : Cap as President was supposed to be a highly-publicized event - unlike Luthur's win, which I didn't know about for a while, and I follow comics. That they'd decide not to go with that storyline is understandable to the extent that Marvel isn't doing the kind of outside media promotion they used to for their books.


Quote (Matt Adler @ April 20 2004,04:03)
...if, instead of going with a new writer, Marvel had simply come to you and said "Bob, we want Cap to go in a more superheroic direction" is that something you think you could've pulled off, or is political Cap more up your alley?

Morales : Well, Matt, the weird thing is I was told specifically not to use all the classic Marvel characters in my Cap run - Marvel wanted something completely new. I was told the Red Skull and Hydra and AIM and the rest were either over-used or off-limits. That I got to use Nick Fury was a great treat.

I would've loved to have been allowed to do a more superhero-y book, because I see possibilities of making superhero comics more contemporary that nobody's exploring - and frankly, if I do superhero comics it's because I want to make a contribution to them, not because I just want to make a buck doing what others can do better than I.

I also think it's impossible to do a Cap run without the history of the Marvel U, except that with Cap, real history makes his character all the richer. So I guess the answer to your question is yeah, probably - but it's really beside the point because some people just wanted me off the book.


Morales : 1. The experiment was a failure of Marvel management's commitment toward marketing their books, whether or not they agreed with their content. Most people at Marvel Edit though it was way to soon to access how the book was doing financially.


Quote (ChopperJohn @ April 19 2004,10:57)
How does editorial allow 2 Cap in Cuba stories at the same time anyways.

Morales : I've been stacking up my Cap/Falcons so I won't read them until Priest's first arc is completed. (I like Christopher Priest.) I don't think the MK Cap continuity has anything to do with it. However, I'm as puzzled about its Guantanamo Bay storyline as everybody who asks me about it.


Quote (Matt Adler @ April 21 2004,00:22)
Seriously, why's it such a big deal? Runs end all the time before they're supposed to. I'd've thought you'd be flattered that they want to give you another high profile assignment right away.

Morales : I write for a living and I'm not prolific, so I really have to mindful of where I commit my efforts. Comics don't really pay a lot if you're a relative unknown like myself. Superstars like Bendis and Mark Millar and [your favorite here] get paid more - artists get paid at least twice what writers do - and I don't begrudge anybody the deal they get. For me, the appeal of writing Cap was that a) I was to be given specific guidelines, then left alone to write a character upon which I grew up idolizing, and b) Marvel pays you when they say they will.

So even though a Cap script earned me a so-so $2200, I didn't really mind - I've other things happening. But committing yourself to 18 issues is still a commitment, Matt - and when people above the people you work for undermine the commitments you've already made, isn't unwise to commit yourself again and set yourself up for some other corporate brainfart?

I'm not like people who want to be in a relationship so badly, they're willing to stay in a bad relationship.

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