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Slobo 15/01/2019 11h07

Hell yeah ! :woot::luv:

Dhargo 15/01/2019 14h26


Envoyé par arrowsmith (Message 1779942)
J'ai posté dans le tread Image qui m'a semblé le plus approprié mais dans les faits je ne sais pas où cela sera publié (et quand surtout).

J'espère surtout que Jesus Merino sera de la partie sinon ce sera moins bien, au moins côté dessins.

scarletneedle 15/01/2019 18h26

Il est exclusif DC.
A moins de le ramener dans le giron Vertigo ou Black Label, ça va être compliqué ou Kurt Busiek peut jouer un rôle vu qu'il a Astro City dans sa manche.

Dhargo 15/01/2019 20h32

Sans Merino, pas sûr que je prenne la suite alors. Enfin, on verra, la dernière chose que j'ai lu de Pacheco, ce sont ses CABLE et c'était pas mal quand même, mais trop lisse.

scarletneedle 22/01/2019 21h47


Jason Aaron has revealed glimpses of a new creator-owned series he's working on with artists Stephen Green and Rico Renzi. THe writer hasn't disclosed the title, synopsis, publisher, or time table on release.

"I don’t wanna tell you what it’s called yet or what it’s about. I’ll just say you’re looking at art by Stephen Green and Rico Renzi," Aaron shared on his website. "And the book is unlike anything I’ve ever been involved with. And it’s coming very soon to make sweet, sweaty love to all of your eyeballs."

Aaron also several new issues of his and R.M. Guera's The Goddamned are complete - for an arc titled "The Virgin Brides" - but are waiting on soliciting them until there are enough to release the entire arc in a timely fashion.

Jason Latour is drawing and writing the upcoming Southern Bastards #21, which will act as a lead-in to his and Aaron's next arc, entitled "Rebs."

For more details on those storylines, as well as new art by Guera and Latour, visit Aaron's website.

arrowsmith 22/01/2019 22h40

Que de bonnes nouvelles

ArnaudXIII 22/01/2019 22h59

Effectivement, c'est bon d'avoir des nouvelles de Goddamned et Southern Bastards.

Fred le mallrat 11/02/2019 14h03


CEMETERY BEACH 6 is out, 7 was all done a while ago, and now Jason and I are working on the back section of TREES Volume 3, which I guess will be out during the last half of this year.

THE WILD STORM is all over in about four months. Declan has indicated that his schedule is opening up for a resumption and completion of INJECTION this year.
Newsletter de Warren Ellis

wildcard 11/02/2019 15h15

Question :

quelqu'un sait-il ce qu'est devenue la série "Dead Guy Fan Club" d'Annie Wu chez Image ? Le #1 devai sortir fin 2018. Et... Toujours rien !

Le pitch et l'auteur me plaisent bien, j'espère que ce n'est pas annulé.

Si vous avez des infos, merci de partager.

scarletneedle 06/03/2019 18h02

Jeff Lemire ne s'arrête plus :


Jeff Lemire is one of the most prolific creators in comics, regularly debuting new creator-owned series while also doing work-for-hire projects for publishers like DC, Marvel, and Valiant. Most of those books have Lemire solely in the writer’s seat, but he still finds time to develop comics where he gets to flex his artistic muscles and take complete control of the storytelling. Later this year, Gallery 13 is releasing Frogcatchers, a graphic novel from Lemire about a man who wakes up in a creepy hotel with no knowledge of how he got there. This is Lemire’s second graphic novel for the publisher after 2017’s Roughneck, and he’s using Frogcatchers as an opportunity to tap into an old mode of creating.

“With Frogcatchers I really wanted to get back to making comics the way I used to when I was first starting out in the early 2000s,” says Lemire. “Back then, things were much more spontaneous and I rarely worked from a full script. I would get an idea and just start drawing it, scene by scene, and let the story surprise me as I worked through it. I longed to get back to the sort of creative freedom and experimentation that this approach can provide. So Frogcatchers started as an experiment, drawn all in pencil in my sketchbooks, and quickly became my favorite book of all the work I’ve done. On the surface it is a simple fable, but beneath that there is something much more personal. And, at the center of it all, is the mysterious Edgewater Hotel and the many horrors within, including the vile Frog King.”

This exclusive first look at the cover and interiors of Frogcatchers, on sale September 24, showcases that spontaneity as it introduces the lead character and his young companion. There’s a real sense of urgency in these pages, and Lemire’s black-and-white artwork holds on to that sketchy quality to create an atmosphere of instability. “This book was inspired by a heavy dose of Haruki Murakami and David Lynch,” says Lemire, “but it was also an attempt to reach back into many of the themes, and the visual vocabulary, of my own early work and an attempt to break new ground and find new inspiration that will guide the next phase of my work as a cartoonist. And echoing that, Frogcatchers is a story about looking back, but also a story about looking forward at our own mortality.”

Tony LETROUVÉ 25/03/2019 17h42


Envoyé par Slobo (Message 1780762)

Qui a eu l'occasion de feuilleter les premiers épisodes ? c'est bien une réédition à l'identique de ceux publiés parr goriilla ?

scarletneedle 18/04/2019 17h46

Le nouveau titre Image de Jason Aaron :


Sea of Stars is a new Image Comics sci-fi series that hits shelves July 3 from writing tandem of Jason Aaron (Southern Bastards) and Dennis Hallum (Cloak & Dagger) along with artist Stephen Green (Hellboy and the BPRD) that weaves two different deep-space adventures into a unified narrative that draws on Jack Kirby, Pixar, Miyazaki and The Neverending Story.

(que je ne ferai pas, je me suis déjà fait avoir 2 fois...)

ArnaudXIII 18/04/2019 19h51

Passe mon tour aussi. Artiste inconnu pour moi, Aaron pas seul à l'écriture. Non merci.

Au passage, quelqu'un sait pourquoi, tout d'un coup, Dennis Hopeless décide d'écrire sous son vrai nom?

arrowsmith 18/04/2019 20h17

Si Jason Aaron pouvait déjà terminer sa première série chez Image avant d'en attaquer une nouvelle, même aidé à l'écriture.

aegnor 28/04/2019 19h01


Envoyé par arrowsmith (Message 1790094)
Si Jason Aaron pouvait déjà terminer sa première série chez Image avant d'en attaquer une nouvelle, même aidé à l'écriture.

Tu parles de The Goddammed ?
Guerra ayant fini son un Tex il a attaqué le second volume de la série ;)

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